The Best Of Muswell Hill Festival

The Best Of Muswell Hill Festival

When: 9th of September 2023 1pm-7pm

Where: Fortis Green Road (closed for occasion)

Organised by: Muswell Hill Traders Association Muswell Business 

Planning has already started on The Best of Muswell Hill festival, (a spin off from last years’ cancelled festival due to sad passing of our Queen) and will feature a stage hosting a 17-piece pro-standard swing band, English Jazz Orchestra, The Kinks tribute band from Netherlands and it is now open for local musicians and comedy acts to apply to preform too.

We will also be celebrating our local prominent residents (past and present,) our healthiest high street status, the history of TV and Ally Pally, the beauties of the Parkland Walk, our creative artists and writers and all our many fantastic local businesses. There will be food and drink by local vendors and something for everyone. 

Our homage to Muswell Hill and its community spirit will be shown through our Local Gem awards.

We are currently seeking sponsorship for our awards and our committee is open to suggestions and ideas on how to make this Festival the best it can be.

If you would like to get involved in any capacity, please email us