The inaugural Muswell Hill Independent Business Awards

Muswell Hill has a rich and varied variety of independently owned businesses serving the local residents. They range from cafés and restaurants all the way through to specialist cheese shops.

Muswell Hill awardsThe Independent Business Awards was conceived by local resident Matt Kendall, after reading so many complaints about the area on social media. Matt reports that on Muswell Hill Facebook groups there were a lot of people saying how great the area used to be and how it is now all different. Matt has lived happily in the area for 9 years since moving from Manchester. He decided it was time to show the residents just how amazing the area is by highlighting the amount of independently owned businesses.

The awards will be in 5 categories and will be voted for by the public and the winners announced the “Midsummer Muswell” festival in June. The categories are; pub, café/coffee shop, restaurant, service business and retail shop.

The voting will take place online on the Facebook page

The voting process will encourage people to leave comments about their favourite businesses and also why they love living in the area. In troubling times like these, it is important to focus on what is good and positive in the world, especially in the area you live.

We invite all the residents of Muswell Hill to like the Facebook page and to vote for their favourite businesses. Muswell Hill is an incredible place to live; now and again we just need a little reminder.