Midsummer Muswell is a community event and needs its community to play a part in its success. Please get in touch if you can spare a couple of hours on the 25th June to help.


MidSummer Muswell is organised by Friends Of St James’s Square but we also need to mention other amazing volunteers who are helping us along the way.

Mukta Luther our graphic designer in charge of our flyers, posters and brochure.

Muswell Hill Private Chief Silla and Toby of MuswellHill News are in charge of our tombola.

Amanda Stockley photographer of Friends Of St James’s Square and MidSummer Muswell photographer on the day.

Mike Goldwater our photographer on the day.

Emma Vincent of Little London Ballet and PQA Muswell Hill in charge of our Fashion Show and information point.

Joh Hajdu of Muswell Hill and Fortis Green Association guide, suggestions and support.

Becky Beach help with sponsorship, brochure advertisement, promotion.

Roger Ward of Muswell Hill Trading Group & Haringey Trading Group guide, support and organisation.

Lisa Hatton providing on site massage on the day to help us fundraise.  She offers a range of massage services and tailor each session according to your needs & wishes. The bodywork she offer can ameliorate various conditions including: back pain, digestive disorders, muscle tension, frozen shoulder, discomfort during pregnancy, as well as emotional stress, anxiety depression and grief. Tel: 07764 156 396; 0845 45 00 949
Email: lisa@hungry4health.com

Helping hands on the day:

Peter Thompson
John Hajdu
Deanna Bogdanovic
Mel Pretorius
Jacqueline Goldenstein
Lindsay Miller
Mila Bogdanovic
Brian Bogdanovic
Arpy Luther
Gillian White
Emma Vincent
Marie Delort
Zuzana Kunikova
Luciana Limongelli
Marina Dunderdale
Dominic Watson

Hope to see your name on the list soon.

We also need sponsors, tombola prizes, advertisements in our brochure …

Midsummer Muswell 2016 promises to be a stunner and there are various ways you can get involved in supporting this great event including sponsorship.

We have: One big slot for the market on the square. Smaller sponsorships still also available. Get in touch for more info.

MidSummer Muswell Brochure Price List

Midsummer Muswell 2016 Info Pack for sponsors and market stallholders